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Custom House Numbers - 20cm floating - Custom Colours

Custom House Numbers - 20cm floating - Custom Colours

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Custom house numbers laser cut from 3mm premium acrylic. These house numbers are 200mm high and you can either choose from a rounded version of the popular 'Helvetica' or you can choose your own font!

Each number has two hidden fixing points with an integrated 5mm stand-off. Your order will be supplied with a hidden fixing template, all of the fixing parts and a pictoral guide to installation.

Please select your font option - a rounded version of the popular 'Helvetica' for £12 per number OR choose any font in any colour for £15 per number.

We offer these numbers in a selection of gloss colours - french blue, pistachio, leaf green, mango, bright yellow, dove grey, charcoal grey, red, white or black - please select from the colour options!

The fonts used in our samples are as follows, but you can use any font you like and are not restricted to the below!

1 - gloss french blue - Gloucester

2 - gloss pistacio - Grand Hotel

3 - gloss leaf green - Eurostyle

4 - gloss Mango - Mackintosh

5 - gloss bright yellow - Bahnschrift

6 - gloss dove grey - Gill Sans

7 - gloss charcoal grey - Croissant One

8 - gloss Black - Trebuchet MS

9 - gloss white - Century

0 - gloss red - Akzidenz-Grotesk

a - gloss white - Glacial Indifference

B - gloss black - Bauhaus

We also offer an extensive range of high grade stainless steel and powder coated house numbers which can be found here.

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Our numbers and signs have been installed on countless architect builds, have been featured on homes from Channel 4s 'Grand Designs', and we supply 1000s of numbers a year to new build sites up and down the country.

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