Our UK Based Production

We have always manufactured here in Dorset, and use a handful of other UK based suppliers from up and down the country, our new workshop and office are located in Sixpenny Handley Dorset.

Housenumbers Workshop

The primary part of our manufacturing process is laser cutting, and we have two British based stainless-steel suppliers who also cut our metal parts for us on state-of-the-art laser cutters. We stock numbers in stainless steel and we also batch produce bespoke work in stainless steel every 2 weeks. We have been operating a waiting list for our beautiful custom items for the last 10 years due to popular demand.

Hand finished product

When a bespoke house name arrives on site after laser cutting, we hand finish the item using our finishing tools to make sure that the surface is flawless, and to remove any metal burs from the edges and letters meaning there is no chance of sharp edges. We then use our welding tools to add welded fixings. Our metal fixing systems are unique to Housenumbers Limited - you can't buy them off the shelf anywhere else! We have a variety of spot-welded fixings which are selected based on the type of material you are fixing into, such as wood, brick or cladding.

workshop tools
files on stainless steel

Finally, some of the stainless-steel house names will be taken to our local powder coaters in a nearby town for matt or gloss custom coloured finishes to be added. The most popular are black and anthracite grey, but you can give us a custom RAL number if you are trying to match an architectural feature on your home!

drill image

We also have our own laser cutter which is used to manufacture all our acrylic products in house, as well as the frosted acrylic layers on our LED signs which allow the lights to diffuse evenly.


Our workshop team operate in a stunning converted barn that houses our laser cutter, welding bay, finishing benches and stock, with an equally lovely office space for our admin and packing team to process and dispatch your orders. We dispatch using Royal Mail for most of our orders and DHL for our bespoke signs.


You can read all about how we try to minimise our environmental impact in our sustainability statement, but we truly believe that the biggest impact we have is by making products you won’t need to replace right here in the UK!