What should I name my house? House name ideas.

What should I name my house? House name ideas.

House naming is a tradition that stretches back generations, and to this day is a unique way to add character to your property, whether new or old! House names originally came into being in the wealthy upper classes, who named their manors, castles and halls with links to their location, ancestry, historical events or family titles. (Norfolk House, built by the Duke of Norfolk; Blenheim Palace; named after the battle of Blenheim etc.)

Within the top 50 most popular house names we have made a bespoke house sign for almost all of them, and here are 3 of our personal favourites that have been made by us:

The tradition of naming homes has grown over the centuries and now choosing a house name is often the finishing touch on a renovated property, a new build or simply a lovely way to call a new home your own when moving in. House names today are inspired by whatever you feel a connection to - everything from location, local or family history, flora & fauna, literature and legends, to simply the type of tree that stands in the front or back garden.

Although we are asked for house names that are on the popular lists all the time, we have also created house names for homes with quirkier titles. We have made signs for 'The Cowshed' 'Camelot Gardens' 'Blue Haze' 'Fade to Grey' 'Aurora' 'Zephyr Hills' and many more. Our favourite more unusual house names are below:


There are no right or wrong house names, simply the name that fits both you and your property. Every week one of our many enquiries will request a unique house name we have never heard of, that sparks our imagination - 'What would an Upside Down House look like?' 'I wonder if Rose Tree Cottage has a pink rose bush or a white?' 'What can you see from The Lookout?' Get creative and take your inspiration from the features of the house or the garden, use family names, dog names or choose a popular classic name that fits your home!  We have even had anagrams or combinations of all the family's first names to create totally unique words.

Once you have made a decision on the right name for your home it is essential that you follow the correct procedure for re-naming homes. It is useful to note that you cannot remove a house number, only add a house name to the address so that both feature. This handy guide from The Telegraph will talk you through the protocol here in the UK. We are always happy to provide signage that contains both a house name and number, so once you are all set with informing the appropriate parties then get in touch for a quote.

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