Refurbish Your House Name

Refurbish Your House Name

Here at Housenumbers we recognise that the modern-day culture of fast paced buying and throwing away is unsustainable environmentally, which is why we continue our ‘buy it once’ ethos into a refurbishment scheme for our past customers. We hope that this will prevent our products from ever being discarded and keep them in use for as long as possible.

After your stainless steel or powder coated house name has been on the wall for 15 years or so the surface may be a little dull, there may be dirt gathering inside the cut out centres – all the general wear and tear that impacts an outdoor product exposed to the elements. We offer a complete refurbishment service for our customers to remove their sign from the wall and send it back to us to be made good as new! Refurbishment prices start from £50 and rise according to sign size. Take a look at the process with this LED sign HAMMONDS HILL HOUSE below, these first pictures are the day it arrived back at our workshop...

stainless steel house sign, LED house sign, refurbished house sign, mending products, fixing products

Rather than using precious resources to make a new sign we will dismantle the parts, re condition the front surface of the steel to brighten it and remove any scratches, clean up the back and replace LEDs if needed. Our customers will then have a sign that is ‘as good as new’ for the fraction of the cost of a new one, with very minimal environmental impact.

flawless stainless steel, stainless steel surface

The final step is to add brand new LEDs - we offer a 1 year warranty on the electrical parts of our illuminated signs and the expected life time of the LED modules is 7-10 years, so like all light bulbs, they will eventually need to be replaced. Should they fail earlier than expected and you don't think your sign needs a total refurb, we can send replacements for you to change the LEDs yourself at home; a replacement loom of custom sized LEDs for your sign starts from £25. If you are having a complete renovation of your sign then we will replace the electrical parts during the process. Take a look at HAMMONDS HILL HOUSE turned back on and ready to return to the customer:

finished LED house sign, LED house sign,



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