Blossom & Brush Window Film

Blossom & Brush Window Film

FAQs | Blossom & Brush Door Numbers, you can browse the whole range here.

 How do I measure my fanlight accurately?

Use a metal measuring tape and measure every window in mm (e.g. 739mm height, 846mm width). Please keep in mind that the window film needs to sit flat on your glass, so please take care to measure accurately. Many of the designs need to be fitted with the pattern in the right direction, so please be sure to put the height and the width in the right boxes.

My fanlight is curved or a different shape, can I still order a made-to-measure Door Number?

Yes, we can create a custom order for you – please contact us.

How do I fit my Blossom & Brush Door Number?

As the window film is made to measure, it's really easy to fit. Download your Blossom & Brush fitting guide here.

Will my Door Number bubble or peel?

As long as you follow the instructions, and take care when fitting, you won’t have any bubbles. Our window film won’t peel if fitted correctly and measured accurately.

Can I clean my windows once the Door Number is fitted?

Yes you can, with a water and detergent solution.

I get a lot of condensation on my windows, will my Door Number be OK?

Yes it will, condensation won't affect the window film.

Can the film be reused or moved to another window?

No, unfortunately not.

How long will my Door Number last?

The window film life expectancy is 8+ years.

I’m in rented accommodation – can my window film be removed when I move out?

Yes, the window film can be removed and your glass will be unaffected.

Does it go on the inside or the outside of my window?

The window film is fitted to the inside.

Can I put the Door Number on the outside of the glass?

No, your number will be back-to-front if fitted to the outside of the glass.

My glass is frosted or has a texture, can I use these Door Numbers?

Unfortunately not, the glass needs to be clear and flat.

I can’t see the right design for me – can I commission something different?

We work on commissions too. Our designer, Rhiannon, can create bespoke designs to your specifications. Please contact us.

Where is Blossom & Brush window film made?

Blossom & Brush window film is designed in Bristol and printed in Somerset, UK.

What is the window film made of?

Blossom & Brush window film is made of High Grade Self Adhesive Polyester.

How long will my order take to arrive?

If you live in the UK our window film with be with you 10-14 working days after we receive your order. 

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