Happy Small Business Saturday!

We are a small family run business with British-made high quality products. Every year we intentionally opt out of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday online deals, as our products do not have huge profit margins to make it possible to offer very large discounts, but we pride ourselves that we offer the best quality and customer service going.  It’s our busiest time of year and our small team here at Housenumbers Limited is already working to full capacity at the moment. We do not wish to incentivize a huge rush of discounted orders which will put additional pressure on our people.

For the reasons above we are unable to offer large Black Friday deals. However, if you hold off placing your order until Saturday the 4th December  we are offering free delivery site wide in support of “Small Business Saturday”.  The free delivery code is SMALLSATURDAY and will be valid all weekend until 23:59pm on the 5th December. This is the only weekend of the year that we run a promotion like this so get your orders in! Delivery can be up to £15 if you are ordering some of our largest products and signs, or multiple numbers for a block of flats etc. You can also quote this code via email for custom items and if quoted this weekend we will honour the offer for the remainder of December.

We are not in a position to compete with the big players like Amazon, but if you purchase from us you will be supporting a small ethical British based business!


Free Delivery code SMALLSATURDAY